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I'll have to reread my old bible to find the part where Jesus says to avoid masks and vaccinations like the plague - no, not the plague, because you should all run around catching that and spreading it to kill as many friends and family as you can, "and only have faith in Me - and also have faith in bleach, fish tank cleaner and this old dewormer that's mostly only used on live-stock, you bunch of selfish, egotistic, hell-bound goats. " "What???! You really fell for that? You really thought I would save you hate-filled performing dunces, when I know full well that if I was to return to Earth - and I'm certainly not doing that in the near future - and walk into any right-wing, Evangelical church, you Trump-worshipers would angrily lynch the Brown Hippie N-lover and I'd be left dangling on a tree once more.


But when they get Covid?!?! "Pump me full of drugs, get me that bed in ICU, help me secure an ECMO!!" If they recover: "God saved me". If they die: "Jesus needed another angel." Few things are more hypocritical in this world that White Evangelicals and Republicans.


What the fuck 🥲


Faith won’t save anyone lmao