Is it just me, or is Ginger Island way too grindy?

Is it just me, or is Ginger Island way too grindy?


The enemies that live in the lava (Lava Lurks?) sometimes drop dragon's teeth if you kill them. Breaking open gold coconuts can sometimes give you banana saplings.


I've probably killed 50 of those things by building water pathways to them. Not one tooth. I have no idea what's going on. I've broken about 20 gold coconuts and not a single banana.


Burglar Ring? Worth it to get those secondary drops. I net a few Dragon Teeth on every volcano run. Are you making it to the end? Theres almost always a huge skeleton along the way which will have at least one tooth.


the volcano is a lot easier with the slime protection ring. not sure if you were using that, but it was the deal maker for me. the tiger slimes are the worst.


I had the same bad luck with dragon teeth and bananas. Both took forever! I just about screamed when I finally got one. And since the mummified bat fix on the switch I’m swimming in them. So if you’re on the switch make sure you’re up to date. And if not - try increasing your luck in the caves.


Dragon teeth typically spawn by the dragon skeleton in the volcano. I HATED dealing with the volcano until I realized 1) there’s only 10 rooms total so it’s really not as big as I initially thought it would be, and 2) you can take a screenshot of the whole map (from the settings menu) and path out your route in the easiest and quickest way possible. You can also scout out dragon teeth by doing this as well! I’ve found that going on good luck days usually help more stuff spawn as well. Treat the volcano like the skull cavern and come prepared with food and bombs to clear rocks quicker! Also, I’ve personally found that it was WAY easier to me once I got the slime charmer ring because I was focusing so much on not dying, but the ring helps so much with that lol


Relax, go and play some darts. I'm on my 4th year, summer and I've never seen a single banana in all the playthrough (lots of dragon teeth though)


Took me 4 seasons to get a single banana tree, now i have tons by year 4 there. I seem to have better luck with prismatic candy plus hitting the lava dragon's mouth just as it starts to open. I also get one on the floor with the large skeleton. I did forage the island and desert for coconut to trade for golden coconuts. At least 8 a week in game.