Is there a moment that you got scared of in The Witcher 3 WH?

Is there a moment that you got scared of in The Witcher 3 WH?


Here's one everyone can relate to: Griffin armor scavenger quest. That place with the ghosts, poisonous gas, and ekimmara. A nearby high level teleporting denizen frequently makes an appearance.


My introduction to leshens was when that damned one in Velen teleported into the cave and fragged me as I was working my way through the ghosts.


That was my first time seeing one of them and i just remember him dying in some poison gas behind the breakable wall


That leshen is an asshole, my first play through I got jump scared by him but ran away and he despawned. I thought it was a glitch but he seems to be there every time


This happened to me, but luckily they had teleported into the poison gas which killed them pretty quickly!


This just happened to me haha. Health bar went down fast.


I hate that cave not only for the leshen but also because I meditated in there and like 10 fucking wraiths spawned around me for some reason.


I nearly shit myself when I saw overleveled leshen in that cave for the first time.


I had never had that happen before until last night. It wasn't as scary when the Leshen decided to take a break in the poison gas and keel over.


My wife came to the room, when I(witcher) was having sex with service lady.




Take an award


I always make sure to play the sexy scenes when my fiancee is in the room so that this doesn't happen lol. Also so we can laugh at the boob physics together.


When i saw the caretaker’s face


Same that thing is creepy asf


"What the fuck was THAT?"


Yeah, that's probably it for me too. When even Geralt, who took out that striga (twice), is freaked out you know it's scary. Tower of the mice is unsettling too, and I was pretty revolted the first time I saw a closeup cut scene with that wraith in the well in WO.


Fyke isle or something like that, you know, the island with a lot of rats and a wraith that wants revenge. All quests in that place scared the shit out of me


My favorite place in the game


Hahaha, to be honest it is my favorite place too. The bog and the painting world where the caretaker is too.


Agreed, Fyke Isle creeped me out


I love Fyke Isle! That whole quest line from Keira is awesome! Shame there is only 1 other place you can use the lamp. I always felt like you don’t get to use it enough considering what it does…you think Velen would have way more ghosts than it does!




Oh no, you’re right! I forgot about that one…think it’s part of a treasure hunt!


Yeah it’s been a long time since I’ve played.. i think it’s time to replay it before the updated version comes out :’)


Definitely! It’s a tradition of mine to play the full game over Christmas so it’s almost time!!


When you meet the Caretaker. How the mood just sets in from the very beginning, when you enter the place and start looking for clues.


That damn wraith at the graveyard in white orchard. It was my first monster and i barely managed to see wich sword i had in hand so roach and I ran for our lifes


Omg same. Thing is, it spawns behind the place of power, so for most of my first playthrough I thought place of power was just some place where super powerful bosses spawn so I just did everything I could to stay the fuck away from them lmao. Eventually I felt cocky and went up to one and nothing happened.


To be fair the places of power are usually hauser by a stronger enemy so your assumption wasn't necessarily wrong


The quest “Possession”. Gave me chills every time.


The one with Hym? Yeah... scared of this shit, never decided to fight against it. But the other option (not fighting with Hym) also creeps me out.


Yep, that’s the one. When you first see it…shivers haha.


When you play this game first time and you see the Hym shadow right next to you in the basement... ayayayyayayayayyaya scary


For real! The first time I did that quest, I was on my heels just going around every corner as slow as I could. Seeing that shadow appear in the basement really got me lol.




*put baby in the oven* intensifies


Scenes From a Marriage quest….when you finally get into the house and are going up the stairs and the wraith jumps out at you. I have surround sound and about jumped off the couch the first couple of times. lol


Those wraith screams are often just annoyingly loud


THIS!!! All the semi-jumpscares in the early part of the manor exploration. I don’t do well with horror 😂


I have to turn my sound all the way down whenever I replay that mission in the house now, I nearly killed over the first time. That whole segment at the von everic estate is truly a nightmare, which is ofc the whole point so they did an amazing job


Also the caretaker from the same quest line scared the fuck out of me. Pans Labyrinth Lookin Ass


Never tried surround sound in games Juat the 2.1 speaker Is it very good? Must be hell plqying horror games


Well…I’m a console guy so on on Xbox and everything goes though the surround and on the big screen but yeah….it’s nice. Whatever game I’m playing the surround helps with the immersion factor. 😁


That whole mission is always unsettling for me. They really did a great job with the atmosphere with that one.


Yes that quest scared the crap out of me


Heart of Stone had for me a lot of creepy and horror like moments! :D


The whole DLC is so creepy from start to finish, I get such a bad feeling in my gut the whole time playing it I adore it sm though


Totally. And that's why it was the best !


HoS story is a bloody masterpiece. Idk if they based it on the books or what but I loved it so much.


He was a fresh character for the DLC.


Its based on a folklore story from Poland.




The damn crones


Especially Weavess for me. Damn trypophobia.


My first werewolf encounter by the Whispering Hillock. It kept regenerating its health and I almost thought killing it was impossible, so I eventually had to find a way to sneak past it


The Von Everec estate in Hearts of Stone. It's basically the Witcher 3: Ghost Hunt.


This. The Caretaker was scary in part because it was so damn hard to kill him and he’s also huge and goddamn.


Literally the same thing happened to me, same place and everything. I picked up the game after not playing it for at least 3 years and I was exploring then boom


The level 20(?) Leshen outside Reardon Manor. I was only level 11 by that time. It was my first Leshen encounter on my first playthrough. Honestly, I had the endurance to fight the Leshen all I want. But the pack of level 20 wolves say otherwise. Needless to say, it was a long and excruciating battle that left me sweating in real life.


1( seeing dettlaff transform into his monster form (aka. stage 2 of the fight) it looked so painful, and the appearance of it just in general scared me, i'm not easily scared, but it gave off some weird vibes . 2( the unseen elder just in general, knowing that not even Geralt could kill him, his body also scared me, like he has hurt himself to become stronger


"If you acknowledge any gods, start praying now!"


Quite a few instances of me being scared in the Witcher 3. I am relatively easily scared, though: 1) Fyke Isle and "A tower full of mice" quest. The deathly necrophages roaming the island, the eternal mists that cover the area, the haunted tower, the experiments conducted there and the fate of the lord's daughter, all contribute to a truly scary experience. 2) The hym quest in Skellige. The creature itself and the involvement of the baby, the yarl's self harm and body mutilation, the abandoned estate, everything gives me goosebumps. 3) Sarah, the godling in the "Novigrad draming" quest, scared the crap out of me the first time she jumped out of the oven. 4) A few wraiths here and there in side quests, venturing in dark catacombs. 5) The entire quest of exploring the Everek manor in Hearts of Stone. The Caretaker, Iris's wraith, exploring the manor and navigating the painted world, especially the fight with Iris's nightmare. The eerie and horror-inspired atmosphere of this quest always gives me chills. 6) A side quest in Hearts of Stone, in which you explore a dark forest east of Oxenfurt, until you come across an abandoned castle. A leshen lurks in a glade next to it and wraiths haunt its dark dungeons. Furthermore, the story of the place and its twisted lord, told through journal entries, contributes to the frightening nature of the place. 7) The quest with the spotted wight in Blood and Wine. The eerie abandoned estate full of barghests, the inscriptions on the walls, the incessant clincking sounds of spoons everywhere, the connection to Gaunter o' Dimm, all caused an unrest in me the first time I experienced the quest.


You have good instincts if when a bloody tree comes to life and attacks you, then your first instinct is to run. It’s the logical move.


Yeah... I don't think I am one of these "hmmmm I wonder what is it?" horror film chatacters.


The last task from Olgierd in HOS always freaks me out


Pretty much every Bruxa in the game 🤣


Yeah, one encounter with Leshen creeped me the fuck out. Also I felt really uneasy in the Von Everec estate


Fight w Deatlaf (hope I wrote that right) and generally every time a monster would appear out of nowhere. I think this game is the reason I don't feel fear when I watch horror movies, but I have to test that further.


"Further tests required"


Doors slamming shut spooked me so badly


The one that I most remember is similar to what you wrote. I was wandering around a forest in Velen at midnight and saw some movement in that forest. I looked closely and realized that it's a leshen(there's no contract to kill him). I stared at him for like 10 seconds and chose not to engage him, then left. The whole thing was pretty scary and interesting at the same time.


Love the game for it. Scary and interesting hunts.


I've just remembered that I had a similar experience recently, also in Velen, possibly in the same area. I was searching for witcher gear in a forest and for the whole time I was hearing Leshen roars. I didn't get to see him and I didn't put much effort into finding him as I was there just for the Witcher gear, but it was so cool hearing these roars and knowing you're in Leshen's territory, knowing he's somewhere close.


Griffin armor set? It might be same place. At top of the place with griffin set there is a small mountain on which there is the place of power if I'm not wrong. And I didn't actually hear his roars. I didn't pay attention to sounds. And he just jumped on me out of nowhere. I think we are talking about same place.


It was the feline set. A couple of its parts are hidden in Velen.


It was in Blood & Wine, in a random cave I jumped in a pond and when I got out I heard a kind of loud breathing sound. Something was lurking in the shadows... it was a sort of vampire and it jumped *on* me and killed me instantly with a hell of a noise lol This is a very "random" death but it felt so threatening it was amazing.


When The Witcher becomes an actually horror game.


I was a fist time player wandering velen, came across the entrance to a mine and started exploring. Was soon beset by some insect creatures I forgot the name of, dark as hell and then all of sudden the boss creature shows up with a level 20 red skull


If there is a very dark place you'll need cat potion. Really... I would call it a must have cuz without it caves can drive me nuts.


Yeah but at the time I wanted to do nothing but magic because “oooo sparks ⚡️ “


You are thinking about skill points right? You don't need any potion perk to make the potion... or I'm just dumb.


No no I was talking about skills, I just meant that on my first playthrough I rarely used potions


Same actually


Mad Kiyan scared the shit out of me.


Funny thing about Leshy is one found me in the cave after I finished quest with Kiera where I fought one of the Hunt soldier. Leshy was many levels more than me but he walked into the floating gas and died lmao


The botchling omg that scared the shit out of me


When the painting in HOS came to life


Fyke isle. Chills, literal chills.


How about the wolven armor set hunt at Kaer Morhen? When I jumped through the portal not fully knowing what was on the other side, and it drops you out of the air when the crystal isn't right. Scary.


The faceless monster in Hearts of Stone AND the tombs


Same moment, clearing velen out when all of the sudden a quarter of my health gets taken by a leshen appearing from no where. Another one was seeing the caretaker's face for the first time


I was doing a side quest and it lead me to a dark cave full of giant spiders




I don't think so I just don't like the fuckers


The fight with the bruxa in blood and wine was the one time I got kinda scared. Although yes when I was at low level leshens were super scary.


I'm on around 40 level and I know I could beat the crap out of a Leshy but it still seems more powerful than it really is.


Oh yea I agree. Whoever made those leshies knows his/her monsters😂


Visiting Crookback Bog the first time, the place just felt wholly evil, especially thanks to the soundtrack


The one where you have to put the baby in the oven (cauldron?) on blind faith and just trust you’re not a complete monster.


Headphones, hud off, full immersion, midnight irl, midnight in game. Walking through the woods, hearing crackling noises, some whispers or sth, silhouette in the distance, turn around to avoid it, then another and then loud screech, and leshen out of nowhere. Shat my pants that night.


Honestly the fairy tale part of blood and wine was pretty unnerving


I think it was nice honestly.


The sleeping woman quest where you have to wake her up, and you go down to the cellar into the fireplace and that creature jump scares you. Had to put a load of washing on after that!


What did you do with the creature later?


Let it live in the house, it was no harm


I usually really scared in caves no matter what. I can see almsot nothing, anything can jump on my face, and I get lost frequently. Im always happy when I manage to get out.


Make yourself cat potion. It's a must-have for caves.


Thank you, Im gonna try it. I use potions rarely, cause I usually don't have the ingredients. Maybe I should buy some.


If you sell the ingredients then you don't have them 🤷‍♂️ I think selling anything that *might* be useful is losing time or money. Cuz later you gonna buy it for much more cash or try to find it (that never was an easy task).


Jokes on you, I never sell ingredients. I pick up anything what is in my way. Still dont have enough of ingredients.


Aaahhhh okay. I know the feeling then.


Yep... Experiencing a Leshen for the first time was the scariest moment so far. Legit shit myself and ran away as fast as possible.


I was nonchalantly collecting loot from sirens and secret places in skellige, swimming around to grab some items out of a cache. I spin around to check for downers and there's a fucking whale swimming right at me! At first I didn't even know what it was and my brain exploded with ever image of a sea monster I've ever seen! Freakin terrifying and I thought all that skelliger talk about the whales was just for flavor.


Omg that's actually a funny story xD


For me it's always been jump scare frights. For example, if I'm exploring or doing a creepier than usual quest & a damn vampire or something jumps in front of the screen out of nowhere I'll likely go "MOTHERFUCKER I WASNT READY!"


In Toussaint, there's a graveyard where a veiled woman is weeping towards a grave. I thought she had a quest, but she just tells you to leave her alone. The grave she's crying at can be looted, but the instant you do that she turns into a Bruxa and attacks you. It was totally unexpected and I just ran outta there! Then I consumed Black Blood and used Vampire oil to kill her...once my heart rate reduced of course. Second place is another Bruxa in some maze-like ruins (also Toussaint). Seems like Bruxa trigger me somehow. Probably explains why I'm single...


Meeting the Caretaker because even Geralt goes "wtf is that" if a witcher is scared imagine how I am


The ghosts when they came out of nowhere there loud noice and surprise appearnce makes a perfect jumpscare to me like that time when i entered a place with the mom that killed her own girls i don't remember the place but it was a very sad story that make me shed a tear


Cursed Chapel beside Brunwich. One of the saddest quests of the game if you read the notes of the father.


My wife got freaked out by Tower of Mice and Leshens For me it was the Caretaker (she isn't there yet)


Make yourself a Leshen statue and put it in bedroom's corner at night. Then you go play the Witcher and at the morning you'll hear when she wakes up.


I'm not that evil :) But we buy (at Kickstarter) Witcher Old World, and Leshen is atop the box art lid, so there's that :)


Im terrified of spiders, I didn't like the one bug things but they weren't totally spider like so I managed ok. Fast forward to me playing hearts of stone for the first time. I didn't read anything about it and I didn't know about the new enemies they added. Then when raiding the vault at the auction house the game drops me right through the floor into a fucking arachnomorph den. I literally almost had a heart attack.




In Toussaint, the spider cave you gotta clear out. There is also a larger arachnomorph at the very end. I ended up not playing the game for over a week until my friend could come over to kill them for me.


When I went into the basement and the hym shadow appeared as I was leaving


I actually think the leshen is kinda cute!


When I was riding around exploring Velen at like level 3 or 4, and I suddenly started running into groups of bandits labeled "Cannibal." It really kinda freaked me out that there were groups of cannibals running around, and as far as I remember they didn't really do anything with it. They were just THERE. That, and Fyke Island, because you had doors that would randomly slam shut and whispers in the background when you made your way to the top.


Yes! I laughed, I cried, I was scared many times, I was aroused, I was enthralled I love this game


Same fucking thing mate.


The one time I TRULY got scared was when I stumbled upon the sidequest that leads you to a Werewolf in the basement. It's early on in the game, so you're not really ready to face it just YET. I spent 2 hour trying to kill it but it kept regenerating back it's health, the whole vibe creeped me out. I ended up yeeting out of that basement and abandoning the sidequest until 10-15 levels later, then it was 3 slashes of silver sword and he was dead.


Jenny O' the woods. there are other scary characters but this is the first one that fucked me up in game. plus the backstories of wraiths always get me


Not really. I mean you play as Geralt ffs. Nothing to be scared of XD


Ekhem... Rats on same level as you.


Yes, all those times when my FPS dropped from 60 to 30sth. That was scary as f.


Scariest moment handsdown has to be the baby all bloody the baron caused. Hands down that freaked me and the imagining the very image scared me a bit.


Oh hell, the freaking real voice reveal of Master Mirror when you banish him. That had me jump on my chair.


“Bovine Defense Force” that time the Leshen came out of NO WHERE, just because I killed a couple of cows. I practically jumped off the couch. Don’t think I ever killed a cow again…..


Leshophobia it is.


I swear, Leshens are the scariest monsters in the game. One of them spawned by accident in one of the Witcher armor locations and I was severely underleveled. Still gives me the jeebers every time I see one afterwards.


Griffin armor am I right?


I think it was! It’s been a while but I remember it was located south of Velen. Never went back until I was like level 40.


It might be the place he scared me but it's not a 100% sure ofc.


Arnskrone Castle Ruins was one of the creepiest locations in the entire game.


Leshens. 1000%.


Bruxae scare me


I went into that cave near the Border Outpost on the 'missing brother' quest, just for curiosity's sake. Didn't realise there was a massively overpowered poisonous arachnid in there. Oneshotted into oblivion.


The caretaker


Decided to kill the Baron's baby and holy hell...


I really hated the smelly cheese maze


Ladies of the wood quest was quite scary for me


Running into that lesgen in velen


I was pretty on edge when exploring the haunted house with the godling. Her laugh is creepy af


When I got caught with both Triss and Yennefer


Morvudds freak the fuck out of me! I don't even like looking at a picture of one. They're enormous and then suddenly I can't see and it's creeping up on me? Fuck that!!


Everyone I see a big spider I start screaming until it's dead


Every leshen and crockbag bog


For me, I’m arachnophobic, or close to that anyway. The spiders they added in Hearts of Stone damn near gave me a heart attack— I stumbled upon a cave on the northern part of the map while I was exploring that was just FULL of them and their webs.


Popped into the mine related to the Missing Brother contract at around level 12 I think, got the quest added to my journal and activated it as I walked deeper into the mine. When I saw it said recommended level 33 I did a swift 180⁰ and ran out


Has to be fyke isle especially on my first playthrough Add to that: I did not know that boats have a speed up button, also did not know that there’s a fast travel point to the island hahaha I would sail from oreton to fyke at a leisurely pace all while the atmosphere was getting creepier as i got closer


Fyke Isle and anything related to the Von Everec mansion


The wight scared the shit out of me


Definitely the first time I encountered a leshen... Soon enough, it became my favourite monster in the game.


Caretaker, and then the first time meeting a giant in Skellige, and everytime I deal with a higher vampire.


Honestly the game is pretty spooky in first playthrough. But the next one, you are already pretty confident with your dodge and potion drill and you feel you could take any monster any day.


I am a father. I reassure my son on a regular basis that make believe things can't really hurt us, that they are just pretend to tell stories. I encourage him to be brave even when he feels scared because sometimes we need to do things even when we are scared because they need to get done or because people are counting on us. I served in the army. 12 months in a highly kinetic (army speak for violent) area of operations where I was shot at, blown up, and had several engagements that ended in physical altercations with a combatant. I also have a deep, unrelenting, and completely irrational fear of Werewolves. So much so that if i notice a full moon as i walk to take the trash out at night i will fucking RUN to and fro (not that that would help if a Werewolf got my scent and wanted me dead. fuck im sweating typing this). When I realized on Skellige that the mission in the garden was a werewolf i turned off my system and thought i'd never play Witcher3 again. I called my younger brother a week later and asked him to come over and finish it for me. You can imagine the humiliation. Up to that point i imagined there was a werewolf somewhere in Witcher but had managed to not come across any. now anytime i play it and i even suspect there's a werewolf involved i just turn around and find something else to do.


When gaunter o dimm pushed the spoon through that guys eye I just felt a massive sense of dread, like this guy can kill at will and does so for totally trivial reasons and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. It’s more horror than fear but it was a really strong feeling, idk why it hit me so hard.


Everec’s mansion. That place gives me the creeps.


I remember diving under water in a dark cave when some drowners started grabbing my legs and pulling me down. I couldn't get out of that water fast enough, and I had no idea what had ahold of me!


The first time going up the Fyke island tower and everytime a Leshen ambushed me


For me it's the mission with Cerys when you need to investigate that old wooden building uphill and solve the Hym problem. When you first discover the entrance and go downstairs in the basement, there are some shadows that appear on the walls as you turn around...all that paired with en ecoing dripping sound makes it spooky. Also, an honorable mention is the velen masoleum interaction, when out of which you get out, there are a couple of statues that suddenly face you as if someone moved them, or they'd moved on their own.


The introduction mission with the first ghost to hunt. I didn't know which way w3 was going to go and was scared at the prospect of being scared. Thankfully it went the same way as the other witchers and wasn't so scary. The one with the shadow monster on skellige was similar. A lot of fear of coming fear which thankfully didn't come off as it might


That botchling sacred the shit out of me


The quest with the Hym. I actually avoided playing at night until I dealt with that scary mf.


When I was looking for manticore witcher gear in a prison in toussaint and the suspicious lady walking around turned out to be an alp


Deutlaft ( or however you spell it ) scarred the shit out of me in the final fight. That and fighting the keeper in heart of stone.


The whole HOS quest of Iris’ dreams. Was literally on edge the entire time


None of the monsters scared me at all, but those whales when you're out on your boat made me anxious, I hate when they catch you unaware.


There was one time when I was going on a treasure hunt and I went into some cave that was the tomb of a famous witcher. I had gotten to the crypt of the tomb and I used my witcher vision combined with the cat potion and I saw a giant Leshen with the red skull. It came out of nowhere and scared the living shit out of me.


I love how they set up the encounter with the Leshen in the contract on Skellige. Geralt's response of, paraphrasing, "if I'm not back by this time, evacuate the village" once he knew what he was dealing with, compared to his typical "yeah, sure, I'll take care of it for this much" with pretty much anything else is really what put the fear of Leshens in me.


Johnny freaked me out the first time


When I first encounterd a Leshen, I had done zero side missions so hadnt met a Leshen, but found the one in the old mansion most north east in Velen.


That graveyard where you find the fake witcher, if you go in there crypt and take the stuff, the two Angel statues outside will follow behind you when you look away From Who Weeping Angel style. The creepiest fucking thing in. The. Game.


The final quest in hearts of stone always gives me the creeps. Even on subsequent playthroughs.


At Arnskrone castle! I was playing at like 3am, door open and winds howling 🤣 and after you kill the Leshen, the sound doesn't stop. I was wondering around and heard a LOUD monster moan. Then an owl hooted outside and a nearly jumped outta my seat. I booked it out of those ruins so fast! The sound just follows you around the mist!


on my first playthrough, i have no idea wtf is the Witcher, just bought the game and play it...walk around Velen and found a ring and thought maybe i should look for the owner..and a fucking wraith shows up in the middle of the fucking day. didnt hang around long.


Basically whole 3rd wish from Hearts of Stone.