Tous to maximize phone battery life (Hisense A5)

Tous to maximize phone battery life (Hisense A5)


Take full advantage of the freeze app feature, and use both power saving mode and super power saving mode. And of course disable what you are not using (Wi-Fi, Data, Bluetooth, GPS, etc). I never use the backlight except in the absence of all external light. I have forgotten the other little settings to set, but there are a good number (font, animation, blocking apps permissions to access data/wifi), I used to get more than a week between charges no problem, I still get 4 or 5 days depending on use.


Delete as much of the unnecessary pre-installed apps. Turn on power saving mode. And videos are the main battery drainers- but it's not so bad. I watch a lot and it lasts more than a day


Remove as many preinstalled apps as you can. Debloat your phone like in this video. 8:55 https://youtu.be/GAMlz4oQKgU Of course the less you use the backlight the longer the battery will last. I tend to use automatic setting which switches off the backlight in daylight.


I myself only use the backlight on my A5 pro when I'm just waking up or going to sleep (when i don't have my roof-light on) you get used to angling the screen to catch the light, and as it's a e-ink screen it works very well in sunlight as well. ^(thus, backlight only in unlit rooms)